Yvon van Bergen (1964) from Nijmegen (The Netherlands) became a professional artist at the age of 40. Colours, people and (imperfect) beauty are relevant themes in her life and art.

During the course of her development as an artist her interest for inner beauty and its visualisation became more important. Women have always been the main subject in Yvon’s works of art, with young women in particular featuring often in her work. Yvon is a painter and she creates mixed media portraits.

New series:  ‘Girls with the yellow circle’

Last year Yvon committed herself to developing a new series of art. She experimented with new techniques and searched for the essence within the subject of her art.

“I didn’t want to make any more artworks that represent the perfect picture, I wanted to create something totally different, but by staying close to myself”. This resulted in the new amazing series titled ‘Girls with the yellow circle’.

A combination of realism and abstraction

In this series the artist depicts the beauty of imperfection. The yellow circle refers to the big round glasses of American style icon Iris Apfel, who was an inspiration to Yvon when she was making these new artworks.

What catches the eye are the multiple layers in the artworks as a result of collage technique and the combination of realistic and abstract painting. The expressions of the women are longing, in-depth, full of emotion or even serene. Because of the sharp lining of the palette knife and the use of ripped paper, it seems like the faces have been torn. This could refer to fragmentation or divided personalities. The subject of her art is profound and at the same time the work has a playful appearance due to the colours, forms and technique that she applies.

Mixed media art prints and original collage artworks

Yvon van Bergen starts by painting a portrait on canvas. Then she photographs the painting and prints it. Next she paints on the print and applies collage technique. Finally she photographs the collage and prints it. The result is a beautiful mixed media artwork in limited edition and the original collage artwork which is one of a kind.

Besides creating mixed media art and collages, Yvon still loves to make paintings.

Open mind

Her former series of oil paintings is characterized by the representation of beautiful, mysterious women in joyful colours. The contrast of these playful colours and the emotions of the portrayed women is typical for Van Bergen’s work, as are alienating elements, like the long neck or a partially abstract head, which represents an open mind according to the artist.

The art of Yvon van Bergen is often presented in art galleries and art fairs in the Netherlands and abroad. Her work is also included in many private collections. Yvon often opens her studio for visitors, where you can see all her latest art and see what’s she’s working on.

Passion for colour

Her passion for colour is not only present in her art; colour is also the main subject in her passion for interior styling. Yvon is an official dealer of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. She’s a colour expert and gives workshops in restyling interiors or furniture with the beautiful colour palette of Annie Sloan Paint. 

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